Advertisement sales


  • All advertisement categories 
  • Structured campaigns, efficient CRM
  • Sales of commercial graphics

PROVYS has been designed as a process-oriented support for broadcasting companies. We believe that it has great ability to enhance the client’s processes due to its structure and organisation, information sharing and flow principles together with its applications developed with great care to equip process-oriented organisations.

•  Break-pattern and pricing schema management
PROVYS Sales support standard break-pattern schema editing and block generation templates for easy-to-use inventory initialisation and management together with standardised pricing options including price lists (both zone and block based) as well as GRP pricing options.
•  Air-time sales ordering and campaign management
All orders from customer and media-buyers are managed by PROVYS with the objective to provide complete information on the expected campaign and its fulfilment. Individual spot as well as spot-allocation wizards are provided to support effective campaign management and spot placement in the block inventory. Individual pricing policy can be utilised on individual orders to provide as flexible pricing options as possible.
•  Air-time sales CRM (Customer Relationship Management), contracts and invoicing
Complete customer contact information, contract–invoice-payment management, material traffic and reporting are provided by the PROVYS Sales module to support the sales and traffic teams in customer communication and relationship management.
•  Air-time sales and channel management integration
PROVYS Sales is the integrated module providing the full unity with all other PROVYS solution components. The integration is deep on the level of block management, spot placement and block content management, last-minute change exchange, as-run-log download, and evaluation.