Content and MAM


  • Powerful metadata management
  • Total control over archives
  • Integrated MAM and workflows

PROVYS has been designed as a process-oriented support for broadcasting companies. We believe that it has great ability to enhance the client’s processes due to its structure and organisation, information sharing and flow principles together with its applications developed with great care to equip process-oriented organisations.

In addition to the set of standard content management functions, PROVYS offers a wide variety of MAM features:

• Digital material metadata
Including digital media storage registration; digital media properties; digital media instances; digital media descriptions; storage properties and storage priorities for transmission media allocation
• Low-resolution preview
Including low-resolution media copies; low-res transcoding requirements and tasks; low-res media access; low-res media preview with time-code based tracking; low-res media preview integrated with the media content description; low-res media preview navigation integrated with the content description and metadata
• Task management
Media operations task register and archive; planned, running, completed and cancelled media tasks; media task completion workflow and media operation result metadata description; media task planning interfaces to MAM; media task result interfaces to any MAM; media metadata interfaces to any MAM; automated media task planning and workflows; business rules based task workflows; media file status and availability; file directory content mapping; videoserver content mapping; media archive content mapping; remote file directory mapping (using FTP or SSH); media file operations (copy, move, and remove); large media file operations (redundant copy and move ); remote file operations (using FTP or SCP, SSH); integrated media file transcoding (using 3rd party tools); transcoding as part of the file operation workflow.
• Digital media QC
Integrated & automated QC, metadata gathering and download; QC as part of the file operations.
• Media archive integration
Media file archive and file restore functions; partial media file restore following EDLs.