Programme planning


  • The ultimate tool for transmission
  • Budgeting and variations included
  • Advanced scheduling of graphics 

PROVYS has been designed as a process-oriented support for broadcasting companies. We believe that it has great ability to enhance the client’s processes due to its structure and organisation, information sharing and flow principles together with its applications developed with great care to equip process-oriented organisations.

•  Schema planning and programming
PROVYS programming support starts with strategic planning tools for a multi-channel environment and continues with planning tools tightly integrated with the strategic plans and programme library for auto-generating features and derived plans. Contingency planning for sport events, auto-replays in a multi-channel environment and effective series and long-term planning is supported as well as programme guide and EPG data editing
•  Presentation scheduling
PROVYS presentation scheduling integrates all information necessary to prepare technologically feasible playlist with all items prescribed by programme planning activities as well as those derived from a promotional strategy of the broadcaster. Low-resolution preview, digital media sensitive planning functions, multi-track audio support, secondary events and many other features are available to the presentation scheduler to provide cost-effective and high-quality results on daily basis
•  Self-promotion
PROVYS supports the self-promotion processes of any broadcaster and includes the production process and promotion placement respecting restriction related to the presentation scheduling
•  Transmission research
PROVYS transmission history and research support benefits from a tight integration potentials with a transmission automation and provide as-run-log reconciliation options as well as detailed audience research data, rights spent (runs), programme categories, financial data and other information from the transmission history