Financial management

PROVYS TVoffice software solution covers the complete financial workflow in a multicurrency environment of a broadcasting organization.

All data entered into and processed by the PROVYS database can be provided either in a form of aggregate (cost of a transmission day) or detailed (programme cost amortization) printed reports or in a form of data exports for follow-up financial operations using 3rd party software solutions (ERP).

- structured budgeting support related to the programming schema with configurable budgeting structure covering both expenses and revenues
- programme production budgeting and evaluation support for both long-term production projects as well as individual productions
- production resource usage costing with a flexible costing structure bound to the production budget, external resource usage invoicing, production cash-flow tracking, and royalty payments
- financial management of acquisition contracts, license pricing, payment schedule specification and tracking, and invoice tracking
- shipping materials tracking and financial management (including costs of materials, license valuation including material and post-production costs, etc)
- multiple license asset valuation and amortization models run independently at the same time (both usage and time based models with various options are supported)
- acquisition payment tracking in relation to the contract and acquisition invoices
- post-transmission profit and loss analysis support and budget evaluation support