Metadata archive

PROVYS TVoffice offers advanced on-line searching services tightly integrated into the PROVYS TVoffice client application for complete archive content searching and presentation.

The implementation also opens a door to access the metadata archive and its searching features through SOA tools and technologies and to populate the metadata archive from 3rd party sources including production and post-production workflows.

The metadata archive currently provided as an integral part of the PROVYS TVoffice enterprise broadcast management solution includes these significant functions:

- context based XML metadata database capable to attach XML metadata to any object managed by the PROVYS TVoffice database
- relational data conversion tools for automatic conversion of structured operational data into XML metadata database with load balancing options (conversion queue management, scheduled conversions)
- SOA based integration tools to download the metadata from 3rd party sources with flexible XML parsing support
- context based XML full-text indexing and searching support with load balancing options
- metadata searching support and result presentation integrated into the PROVYS® TVoffice client application
- metadata distribution services for both off-line (email) and on-line (SOA) distribution and integration with 3rd party components
- SOA based metadata searching and access services

Through the PROVYS TVoffice metadata archive the clients will receive a robust and high-performance archiving support combined with all functions and features of the PROVYS TVoffice solution, i.e. with its digital media and archive management functions and workflow features.

The context based metadata searching combined with the low-resolution browsing, workflow support and internet access is turning the PROVYS® broadcast management solution into a reliable and affordable option to implement modern media management and archiving workflows.