Rights management

PROVYS rights management functionality covers the complete workflow related to rights and materials acquisition in a multilingual and multicurrency environment from title samples and purchase requirements to rights deals and material shipment.
The module provides accurate and highly optimized information for every person involved in the acquisition process. Strong financial management features support a multicurrency environment with options to store information based on prices related to rights, materials, and services, track invoices and payment schedules, and apply multiple amortization rules at the same time.

- title samples, sample material tracking and storage, previews and evaluation, purchase requirements
- acquisition contracts, license pricing, payment schedules, invoice tracking
- TBA start dates, multichannel rights options and restrictions, bonus runs and other advanced features
- language version licensing
- shipping material requirements, delivery tracking, quality assurance support
- flexible amortization models, multiple amortization rules per license
- automatic run evaluation against transmission planning