Schema planning and budgeting

PROVYS TVoffice provides a flexible and easy to use graphical schema scheduling and versioning tools, integrated with presentation templates and long-term programme (and series) planning functions in a multi-channel environment.
Schematic period based budgeting functions support business planning based on transmission costs, amortization, production costs, and acquisition costs. Revenue planning based on programming content is supported as well. Long-term programme planning operations and programming scenarios can be built according to the schema requirements in order to verify the feasibility of the schema and its financial limits.

- graphical user interface with highly configurable schema presentation features and drag&drop operations
- schema versioning for easy to use schema modifications and alternatives
- flexible schema periods and schema alternatives for altering weeks
- schema modifications for already "running" schemas with direct links to active transmission schedules for global changes
- programme and series planning
- financial planning functions
- presentation template editing