Transmission scheduling

PROVYS transmission scheduler is a graphical programme planning and scheduling tool integrated with the schema planner for complex series and programme planning operations, while supporting automatic replay planning, run availability checking, and billing for multilanguage environments.
It provides easy to use hierarchical transmission schedule (play-list) editing tool with direct links to content and media management libraries, commercial content downloads and synchronization, and frame precision time scheduling functions. Complete self-promotion workflow includes planning, production, and scheduling support and is an integral part of the transmission scheduler.

- flexible profile-based presentation of information an alert visualization
- schema versioning for easy to use schema modifications and alternatives
- integrated access to content and media management libraries
- immediate run availability checking
- immediate media availability and tracking functions
- series episode rescheduling
- live-events and secondary events support
- multilingual programme billing and EPG
- self-promotion workflow
- play-list consistency checking and automation interfaces