VOD/OTT management


  • Flexible non-linear planning tools
  • Maximum exploitation of content
  • Full control of rights

PROVYS has been designed as a process-oriented support for broadcasting companies. We believe that it has great ability to enhance the client’s processes due to its structure and organisation, information sharing and flow principles together with its applications developed with great care to equip process-oriented organisations.

The non-linear service planning and management features are seamlessly integrated with all other PROVYS modules, giving a great advantage to any media company. The non-linear service module provides the following functional areas:

• Non-linear service content selection
Working on top of the content and rights metadata catalogues to select the available content based on defined templates (required territories, language, distribution methods, etc.)
• Non-linear content planning
A flexible system of planning tools configured for any structure of pages and services. An easy-to-use tool to drag & drop the selected content into the proper service area with options to enhance the content presentation by image, video, and text data.
• Catch-up service planning
The PROVYS non-linear service management supports a catch-up service planning using a direct integration with PROVYS planning tools or via integration with a 3rd party traffic solution. The linear schedules downloaded into the catch-up service are modified by specifying the rights requirements, premiere show selections, etc.
• Non-linear service integration
The non-linear media delivery is usually operated by 3rd party content management solutions and content delivery networks. PROVYS offers a comprehensive set of tools and interfaces to integrate non-linear planning with any open platform.
• Non-linear content usage reporting
Similarly to the linear, the non-linear content usage reporting part is an essential part of the solution to deal with the rights used by the service, to calculate its revenues and audience reach.